"Metamorphosis of the Pink Thing" is a felted mixed media piece of contemporary fiber art by Linda Thiemann.
"Metamorphosis of The Pink Thing"
Fiber Mixed Media

An incredibly wild, dyed piece of fabric is the foundation for this piece. How it morphed from a 2D piece into 3D pink, grotto-like "thing" is described below.

Satin stitches were sewn to delineate the central, dyed forms on the fabric. More dyes and paints were used to enhance these central forms, which were quilted and stuffed using a trapunto technique. The material was then stretched onto a 12"x36"x1" gallery-wrapped canvas. Cloth-covered, needle-felted, wire extensions were added to the top and bottom. Two stuffed fabric extensions were added to each side. Felted blanket-like extensions were added to the ends to merge all of the extensions with the frame of the canvas. Finally, the needle felting on the extensions was carried over onto the original fabric surface to create a smooth transition between them.