"Nature's Castoffs" is a felted mixed media piece of contemporary fiber art by Linda Thiemann.
"Nature's Castoffs"
Fiber Mixed Media

In this work, various fiber pieces create a collage of nature that might be found on an autumn forest’s floor. Wool roving, yarns, and Angelina fibers were needle and then welt felted, trimmed, and shaped. A felted rope was cut into pieces that were sewn together at their bases to form the cone. Upholstery edge roll was wrapped with yarn to create the branch. A stretched canvas was texturized with iridescent tones and varying transparency to convey decay on the ground. The ground, and the Angelina fibers in the felt, give the illusion of the sun's rays reflecting off of a cool morning dew that covers the forest floor. The fiber pieces were then hand sewn onto the finished canvas.