"River of Life" is a felted mixed media piece of contemporary fiber art by Linda Thiemann.
"River of Life"
Fiber Mixed Media

This composition was was designed to convey the intracacies and beauty of nature: the flow of the river, the sparkle of the water, and the rolling formations of the land.

This piece contains many different fabrics, yarns, and beads. It utilizes the techniques of quilting, trapunto, surface needle felting, free-motion stitching, knitting, needle felted overlaid pieces, and hand sewn beading. Thousands of individually sewn beads create a spectacular flow through this very organic composition which reflect nature's colors.

There are a variety of beads, including handmade polymer clay beads, about 1000 freshwater pearls, and about 10,000 seed beads. The larger beads represent the water-smooth stones in the river bottom, and the hidden treasures often found in life.