LindaThiemann ... Fine Art Created with Fiber
Gray, Blue, and Purple Nuno Felted Scarf
Fashion, Wearable Art
66" x 14"
This scarf began as a single piece of white chiffon. It was hand dyed with gray, blue, and purple colors. A sparse layer of colored fibers was put down, the cloth laid on top of it, and then another sparse layer was laid out on top. The finished piece of Nuno felt has much exposed fabric, much of which is very textural and puckered. This effect is caused as the loose wool fibers begin to work their way down through the fabric, and is further intensified as the loose fibers begin to felt together causing the attached fabric to pull up along with the fiber as it felts together. Yarn embellishment was needle felted into the scarf to further highlight and delineate some of the areas.
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