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"Red Sky at Night" by Linda Thiemann is a Nuno felted piece of contemporary fiber art.
"Red Sky at Night"
Felted Mixed media

Using the puckered nature of Nuno felt for the backdrop of this piece became an organic way to capture the rippled effects of a Texas sunset's brilliant colors reflecting off of the clouds. The colors of the sky were achieved by using four colors of chiffon and numerous colors of loose fiber roving in the felt. The foreground was limited simply to black, except for the pools of water that mirror the sky. Subtle details of the hills are defined by the shapes, layers, and texture of the felt. Limited trees were used, to keep the focus of the piece on the sky. The trees are composed of yarn wrapped wired yarn and upholstery edge roll. Glass seed beads were used in the sky to increase the glowing effect of the most dazzling of the colors. The composition is hand sewn onto a fabric covered gallery-wrapped canvas.

This piece was displayed at the Dallas Area Fiber Artists Annual Show, in Dallas, TX April 2012.