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"Texas Twilight Hoodoo" is a felted, stacked fabric mixed media piece of contemporary fiber art by Linda Thiemann.
"Texas Twilight Hoodoo"
Stacked Fabric Sculpture

This work uses the stacked fabric technique Linda developed so that such pieces would truly be sculpted out of solid fabric. Templates of graduated sizes were made, numerous pieces of fabric were cut in each size, then sewn together in pairs, the fabric edges frayed, and finally stacked upon each other on a length of wire to form the sculpted shape.

The Palo Duro Canyon rock formations and the blazing Texas sunsets provide the inspiration for this piece. Shadows cast on the “rock” were captured by the use of oil fabric paint daubed into the fabric’s edges. Needle felted wool roving and yarn provide embellishment at the base of the spire, also typically referred to as a hoodoo. The entire piece was mounted onto a wooden base.